Canola Council of Canada Searching for New President & CEO

The Canola Council of Canada (CCC) has begun the process of searching for the next president & CEO of the organization. Current president, Jim Everson, announced his departure earlier this month, and will continue in the role until a new president & CEO is in place.

The executive committee of the CCC board has selected HR Resolve to lead the recruitment effort, which is now underway. More details on this leadership opportunity can be found on the CCC website.

“Value chain leadership and cooperation has been central to the success of the Canadian canola industry,” says Jennifer Marchand, CCC board chair. “The new president & CEO will harness this cooperative approach to continue to build new opportunities and growth for the sector.”

“On behalf of the board, I’d like to thank Jim for his outstanding leadership, collaborative approach and dedication to the canola sector for the past six years,” says Marchand. “Jim played a key role in reforming the Canola Council’s financial governance, opening new market access pathways and leading the value chain through challenging market access issues.”

Everson joined the CCC as president in April 2017, and also previously served as vice president, government relations with the CCC from 2008 to 2015.

“It has been a privilege to hold this leadership role and work with the membership and board of the Canola Council to support a dynamic, growth-oriented global industry,” says Everson. 

The Canola Council of Canada is a full value chain organization representing canola growers, processors, life science companies and exporters. Keep it Coming 2025 is the strategic plan to ensure the canola industry’s continued growth, demand, stability and success – targeting 52 bushels per acre to meet global market demand of 26 million metric tonnes by the year 2025. For more information, visit or follow CCC on Twitter @canolacouncil.

(CCC News Release)

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