Canada’s Supply Management Defended by Parliamentarians

M-Ps are defending Canada’s supply management system and say it could be a good option for lower-income countries to be less reliant on imports. 

A House of Commons committee is meeting today to talk about a Bloc Québécois bill that would make it harder for new trade deals to chip away at the system.

Since 1972, the federal and provincial governments have regulated the supply and cost of dairy, eggs and poultry by placing steep tariffs on imports. 

But the rules have been tweaked several times over the past decade as Canada negotiated trade deals, and agriculture groups have not been happy.

Last fall, the UN special rapporteur on the right to food told a committee that the system could be shared with poorer countries to help them stabilize food prices. 

The Liberals say they support the proposed Bloc bill to strengthen supply management. 

(Canadian Press)

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