Canada in a Great Position to Feed the World: Nutrien

Canada is poised to play a big role in global food production as climate change makes farming more difficult and the world’s food supply chain is rendered fragile by political and economic uncertainty.

That’s according to Nutrien CEO Ken Seitz.

He says climate change is redrawing the map of global food production and Canada has an opportunity to be a key player in addressing food insecurity.  

Seitz says the world faces a double-barrelled problem.

To feed a rapidly growing world, we’ll need to produce more food and we’ll need to do it sustainably.

In Canada and around the world, Seitz says climate change is making farming, already an unpredictable business, even more volatile.

He says farmers need support in the form of incentives so they can adopt technology and new practices in order to farm more sustainably.

(Canadian Press)

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