Railways Improve Service: Ag Transport Coalition

CN and CP Rail supplied a combined 93% of hopper cars ordered in grain week 34, an improvement from the previous week’s 91% and the best performance seen for the two railways combined since week 5 in late August.

It reflects an improvement in performance for CN while CP performance was unchanged from the prior week.

In supplying 94% of hopper cars ordered on time in week 34, CN’s order fulfillment performance improved from the 90% order fulfillment performance seen in week 33.

This marks the third consecutive week that CN has supplied 90% or more of cars ordered in a week.

That represents the first time since weeks 4 – 6 that CN has achieved this.

CP order fulfillment performance was unchanged from the prior week with the railway supplying 93% of cars ordered for the second straight week.

CP order fulfillment performance has now been 90% or better for two consecutive weeks – the first time the railway has achieved this since weeks 4-5 in late August.

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