Canfax Releases Last Week’s Cattle Numbers

Canfax reports 12,764 head of cattle were sold in Saskatchewan last week—2500 more than the previous week.

Steer prices were mixed with the heavier weight classes show some improvement . . while the midweight categories were lower.

500–600-pound steers fell $6 to average $328.50 per hundredweight . . while 8-9’s were $2.67 higher for a provincial average of $252.50 per hundredweight.

Most of the heifer prices were higher . . led by 4-5’s which were up $9.50 to average $304.50 per hundredweight.

5-6 heifers also did well rising $6.29 to $291.10 per hundredweight.

Prices of live non fed cattle in Alberta were mixed.

D2 slaughter cows were down $1.86 to average $132.50.

D3 slaughter cows were up $5.33 to average $119.13 per hundredweight.

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