First Advance Payments Program Cash Advances Sent Out

Today, on the first day of the 2023 Advance Payments Program (APP), Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA) issued over $300 million in cash advances, providing more than 1,500 farmers across Western Canada with working capital to help get the growing season off to a productive start.

“Rising costs for inputs and successively rising interest rates have heightened farmers’ interest in cash advances this spring,” says Dave Gallant, Director of Finance and APP Operations at CCGA. “Farmers who take advantage of a cash advance can see significant savings on their borrowing costs ranging from several thousand dollars to over $30,000, depending on the value of the advance and comparative interest rates.”

Through CCGA, farmers can access advances on over 50 commodities including field crops, large and small livestock, organic crops and livestock, and honey. Farmers can apply for a cash advance of up to $250,000 interest-free and to a maximum of $1,000,000. The interest-bearing portion is charged an interest rate of prime less 0.75%.

Budget 2023 includes funding to increase the interest-free component for 2023 cash advances from $250,000 to $350,000.

“This change is certainly beneficial for farmers who use the program,” says Gallant. “There are several legislative and regulatory steps that will need to occur before this change will come into effect. At this point, we do not have a timeline for when the $350,000 interest-free limit will be available, but CCGA will notify customers as soon as we are able to issue advances under these new parameters.”

In addition to the anticipated change to the interest-free limits, several other changes will impact farmers’ advances in 2023.

“CCGA has streamlined several internal processes, which have reduced the time it takes for us to process an advance,” says Gallant.

Advance rates in 2023 have also changed. Rates for some commodities such as canola, wheat, and cattle have risen, some rates are flat, and others have fallen. For example, the 2023 advance rate per tonne for wheat is up 20% and for canola up 9% over 2022.

First-time applicants are encouraged to call 1-866-745-2256 to apply over the phone. For many, it only takes 15 to 20 minutes with guided support from CCGA’s contact centre. Existing customers can apply through their online account or over the phone. Farmers can also download an application form at

The Advance Payments Program is a federal loan program administered by CCGA. It offers Canadian farmers marketing flexibility through interest-free and low interest cash advances.

(CCGA News Release)

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